Updated: September 25, 2018

We care about your privacy. When Alliedstrand collects information about you, our Privacy Policy describes how we handle that information.

This privacy notice applies to Alliedstrand operated websites and mobile apps, which include the domains alliedstrand.com and alliedstrand.org, among others.

Things you should know

We may receive personal information from you based on your interaction with us on social media platforms; if you submit user feedback or a request to us or if you sign-up for an account, among other interactions not listed here.

  • Social Media: If you engage with our social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, we may receive personal information about you. If you use these networks, their privacy policies apply, and you are encouraged to read them.

  • User Feedback: You can provide feedback to us on our products and services by emailing us at hello@alliedstrand.com, through feedback links throughout alliedstrand.com, or through channels such as discussion forums, bug trackers, Slack, a social media account, or through a application dialogs. Please minimize the personal information you choose to share on these forums because your comments may be accessible to the public.

  • Accounts: Some Alliedstrand websites require account creation to buy products; receive information on products and services; or register for events. You may periodically receive emails in connection with your account.

We may use cookies, clear GIFs, third party web analytics, device information, and IP addresses for functionality and to better understand user interaction with our web properties and communications.

  • Functionality: We may use cookies, device information and IP addresses to enhance functionality of certain products, services, and communications. For example:

    • Cookies may be used to assist with user sign-in and authentication so you can bypass entering your passwords on certain Alliedstrand websites.
    • IP addresses are used to customize communications by language and country.
    • Device information such as country, language, operator and OEM, may be used to customize your experience on Alliedstrand websites.
  • Metrics: We may also use cookies, device information and IP addresses, along with clear GIFs, cookies and third party services to help us understand in the aggregate how users engage with our communications, websites, online campaigns, mail campaigns, other platforms. We use:

    • Google Analytics, which places a cookie on your device, to obtain metrics on how users engage with our websites. This helps us to improve site content.
    • Other metrics tools from time to time, on an experimental basis. For example, we may do this to help evaluate a new metrics tool, or test existing metrics collection.
  • Email: Our marketing communications are optional to receive and you can unsubscribe from the footer of the email.

  • Social Media: The social sharing buttons on Alliedstrand websites are designed not to share data with the social media provider until you specifically click the button.

License and Attribution

This document is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

The contents of this document have been adapted with modifications from the Mozilla Websites, Communications & Cookies Privacy Notice.